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Elevate Vero Beach

How Elevate Vero Beach Achieved $1 Million in Sales Using Gin & Coffee Agency.


YoY Increase in Social Engagement


Times Ads Were Displayed on Screen


Individual Customer Leads Collected

Regarded as one of the fastest growing Health & Wellness franchises in Florida, Elevate Vero Beach boasts 10 locations spread across Florida and the Northeast United States.

They offer unique services like Cryotherapy, IV Therapy, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and many other wellness treatments.

Using Gin & Coffee Agency's social media marketing strategies and unique approach to lead collection, Elevate Vero Beach was able to grow it's revenue from $0 to $1,000,000 within it's first year of operations with no signs of slowing down

Copy of Any Iv + Cryo

Brand Awareness & Lead Collection

A major part of Elevate's business and marketing strategy is growing brand awareness while simultaneously collecting qualified leads. Gin & Coffee Agency was able to specifically target potential customers using thousands of Facebook data points to create lookalike and custom audiences that matched Revive's key demographic.

With data gathered over the first 90 days of live campaigns, Gin & Coffee Agency was able to springboard Revive's client base from 0 to 400+ customers.

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Screen Shot Aug 14 Health Wellness

Revving Up Results

By utilizing the leads collected and data collected, Gin & Coffee Agency was able to retarget new and existing customers to other products and services offered by Revive.

Gin & Coffee Agency was able to take, for example, customers who have engaged with past ads or viewed videos and re-engage with them at a later time to offer promotions and sales using an ongoing "ecosystem" of funnels.

Emails collected were also used to build subscriber based lists that could then be turned into email campaigns.

Revive credits the strategies used to their increase in revenue from $0 to $1 Million over the course of 12 months. 

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Gin & Coffee Agency takes protected health information seriously. We are a HIPAA verified marketing agency!

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