Chris Tirico

Chris Tirico

17/1/2024 | 2 min read

How to Stop Facebook Spam Messages in 5 Easy Steps (Under 60 Seconds)

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At Gin and Coffee Agency we manage dozens of client Facebook business pages. In the past few months, spam messages on the platform are getting way out of hand. 

If your Facebook business page is getting slammed week after week with those annoying junk "Important Notification" or "Your Page is Scheduled for Permanent Deletion" messages, you're not alone.  

It's happening across the Facebook landscape to EVERYONE. If Facebook wants to shut down your page, TRUST ME, they're going to shut it down and not give you a heads up first. 

Here's a quick settings change you can make that will help SIGNIFICANTLY reduce these spam messages.

The settings change will allow you to block your page from being seen in other countries, where 99% of the spam messages are originating from.

FIRST, login to your business page, then...

Here are the 5 Steps:

Step 1: Click "Settings" on the left navigation panel

Step 2: Click "Privacy" on the left navigation panel

Step 3: Click "Public posts" on the left navigation panel

Step 4: On the right/middle side, scroll down to "Country Restrictions" and click "edit".

Step 5: Select "Show only to certain countries" and add the countries you want to be visible, then click "save". In most cases you can select United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia (or just the US).

Step 5 Important note: Do not accidentally select "Hide from certain countries". If your customer base is global you can select "Hide from certain countries" and select certain well known spammer countries like Nigeria, Russia, Brazil, China, etc.

Here's a visual representation of what the 5 steps look like:

Step 1:

Facebook Spam Messages Step 1

Step 2:

Facebook Spam Messages Step 2

Step 3:

Facebook Spam Messages Step 3

Step 4 & 5:

Facebook Spam Messages Step 4

Unfortunately we do have spammers here in the US too and the above steps won't stop those (it also won't stop spammers who are using a VPN to show their IP Address in the US), but it should drastically reduce these messages coming in. 

Good luck and let's say goodbye to those spam messages!

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