Chris Tirico

Chris Tirico

23/6/2023 | 2 min read

Brand Building. Be More than Just a Pretty Logo

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Logo creation. Color palette. Font choices. Spacing. Tone and company voice. All of these things and more go into building a business brand. Some things may seem insignificant but in reality, these are important decisions to be made. When a business is created it also needs to build its brand. A brand that sets this particular business apart from other organizations. Seem overwhelming? Let’s break it down. 

Why Branding is Essential

You started a business because you saw a problem, created a solution, and want to offer it to the public. In order to do that you need to let the public know you exist. Branding is essential to generating clients and customers. When no one knows you have a product or service that can help or assist someone, you have zero customers or clients. 

How do I even start?

Creating your business's brand takes some serious question asking and thoughtful responses. Ask yourself these questions:

What do we, as a company, stand for?

What is our mission?

What is our company vision?

What experiences can we offer our clients and customers?

The words you say and how you say them in a professional setting matter just as much as they do in a personal setting. You are setting your company apart from others that may offer the same product or service matters. Do you know of a competitor that has negative reviews for lackluster customer service? Step up your customer service and let your audience know how your team will treat your customers. Does your product sell on Amazon but your competitor doesn’t? Let people know! Still overwhelmed? We offer brand building services to help get started. 

Increase Brand Value

Increasing your brand’s value builds trust between you and your customers. Millennials & Gen Z want to work with companies and associate themselves with companies that they trust. Companies that present themselves with openness and honesty, rather than sounding like corporate robots, speak more to the public today. Using imagery and content that resonates with your audience builds connection and confidence in your company and product. 

Build a Brand Marketing Strategy

Once you have your logo, slogans, and voice for your brand it’s time to build a marketing strategy and campaign. There are so many options on where and how to start your campaigns. Social media marketing, email marketing, text messaging, Amazon marketing, printed campaigns…combining them all. Hiring a marketing company is a great way to start as well. Having a team of experts to help and guide you can make the whole process less daunting. 


A business can have an amazing product or service, but if there is no voice or image built up, you can lose clients and customers. Making the time and putting in the effort to build your brand, will result in endless rewards. Take the time and ask yourself “What do I want my business to be known for?” and start your brand building from there. 


What does your favorite brand mean to you? Let us know in the comments below. Need help starting your brand building journey? Contact us.  

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